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Sound is an art as much as it is a science. With over 40 years of experience, we help you combine the best of both worlds to achieve the highest audio quality. Whether small or large, unique or standard, our team of seasoned experts and musicians will ensure your success every time.

About Alpha

Alpha Sound began as a recording studio in the 1970's, and soon after added a retail music storefront in Salem, Oregon. Live sound equipment rental quickly became a focus for the company, and by the 1990's Alpha was one of the largest rental houses on the west coast. Due to the ever-increasing demand for excellent live sound amplification in our modern musical era, Alpha has since shifted the entirety of its mission toward providing the very best concert and installation sound in the Pacific Northwest to this day.

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Who we are

Duane Sheets President

Bachelor of Musical Arts

Classical Guitar Studies

Phone: 503-949-7472

Devin Sheets Engineer

Bachelor of Musical Arts

Arranging & Piano Performance

Phone: 971-707-9536